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Route design for Kincardine Floating Wind Farm

Grupo Cobra’s Kincardine wind farm is one of the world’s first floating offshore wind farms and lies 15 km off the Aberdeenshire coast.

OceanIQ’s route engineers completed the final route design for the second 18 km export cable to be installed at the site, avoiding all potential UXO’s and providing a route to be ploughed.

Working with more dynamic products due to the inherent movement on a floating platform, installation techniques at floating sites differ to those at fixed foundation turbines. These variations were built into the route engineering solution delivered by the OceanIQ team for the Kincardine project.

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Working with the Scottish Government's R100 project

The R100 project extended superfast broadband coverage across three geographical areas of Scotland; Orkney, the Shetland Islands and the Inner Hebrides. 

OceanIQ conducted a Desktop Study (DTS) for the 16 proposed routes. This study not only determined preliminary routing but also the complex permitting and regulatory requirements for the entire project. OceanIQ later managed all the Permits in Principle (PiPs) as well as the operational permits associated with the multiple installation vessels used.

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As part of the Global Marine Group, OceanIQ has first hand experience in offshore wind projects, as well as a vast track record working around the stunning Scottish coastline - you're in safe hands with us.

Gail Clark MD, OceanIQ


Expert White Paper available now: Cable routeing considerations & constraints for developers

As the offshore wind industry continues to grow, we must better understand the key considerations and constraints associated with the installation and maintenance of wind farm export and inter-array cables, particularly taking into account other cables and assets already on the sea floor.

Our expert team dedicated time to really dive deep into these challenges and address some of the issues that are arising in the real world today.

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Boulder clearance

OceanIQ® provided route engineering services for all 72 inter array cable routes for the Danish Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea. 

The project presented the challenging task of locating and analysing over 6,000 boulders identified within the survey corridors. Utilising a combination of GIS software, data and high-resolution bathymetry results from route surveys along the proposed cable corridors, the team carried out a thorough analysis of the boulder sizes, weights, frequency and distribution. The intelligence was used to identify removal strategies and a boulder risk mitigation strategy which retained routes which maximised the burial potential and protection for the cables.

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Several projects we have supported have wrestled with how close to existing infrastructure they plan their cables and turbines, and ways to design cable routes which satisfy the owners of existing infrastructure and those new developers.

James Rygate Route Engineer

James Rygate